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VERSION    : 2.4 beta                                           CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

New Feature:
One new feature added: Double stars. Images can be seen on the
Double-Star page.

Additional information :
Most of the calculations are now based on Zernike’s polynomials scaled in such way that 1 wave of a certain aberration will deliver an output of 2 Pi on the Pupil phase function (see Aperture page). Coma and Astigmatism have been reduced to only one control. Tube-currents can now be specified with different starting radii.

Star-test page: brightness can be adjusted with a special slider-control

Double: A complete new feature. First calculate a star-test image, than change the double-star settings. You can change the separation, magnitude difference and position angle freely.

Chromatic: This is still very much a test module. Please do not use this to test telescopes.

PSF/MTF: The PSF now shows arcseconds on the X-axis. Also the values on the Y-axis show the relative differences with a perfect telescope of the same size. Below the MTF the maximum resolution for a telescope of the choosen aperture can be read.


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