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New controls/functions (update 18 december 2000)

The new Aberrator will have new controls/functions several of them will appear here.

Click on the links below to see these features at work

The planetary section now has a set of scrollbars to change the levels of red,green,blue independently. Also the image can be dimmed/brightenned with a luminance scrollbar.

Airy disc
In the planetary section you can now add an image of the airy-disc and diffractions as used during the calculation. The airy-disc is only show for green light at 555nm.

Enclosed Energy Ratio
One of the functions used to display the performance of a telescope.

3d- wavefront images
This new feature will allow you to inspect the wavefront-image or pupilphasescreen. You can actively turn the image around in all directions and zoom in/out.




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