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The pages on the left column (click in the left frame or use the links below) show the functions of the Aberrator, per page some help is added to understand the basic operations.

To perform the calculation of certain aberrations this is all you need.

Intra-Extra Focal:
Often it is easy to study both in-focus and out-of focus images.

Many people want to know how a telescope with a certain quality can perform on Planets/DSOs.

You know you scope has a certain aberration but you want to find out the amount not by all the time changing the controls.

This is still very much a test module, it shows certain effects of chromatism in telescopes but cannot be used for star-testing yet.

The Point-Spread and the Modulation Transfer functions are important tools in understanding the effects of certain aberrations.

This page is used to set the Turbulence/Roughness settings in the Aberrator. Turbulence is the most common aberration around.

The Aperture shows a picture of the front of the telescope whilst the Wavefront image shows the Pupil-Phase-Function values (including PV).




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