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Other sites
These are the places I visit the most on the Internet. I have divided them into several topics.


Internet Groups
place filled with amateur astronomers, a daily broadcast of hundreds of messages on many different topics.

Makscopes at Egroups : MakScopes is a discussion group to get the most out of viewing and enjoying the Maksutov telescope.

33-Doubles at Egroups:
For double star lovers. Everything you want to know on techniques and many observation reports.

Sct-User at Egroups:
A mailing list for the users of commercial Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes. Users of the similar Maksutov Cassegrains, including the ETX, the Questars, and the INTES MAK-CAS telescopes are also welcome....

Telescopen (dutch) at Egroups:
A dutch Egroup on telescopes and astronomy in general.

Telescope Reviews

Todd Gross’ Equipment Talk

Ed Ting’s scopereviews


Rod Mollise (sct-user homepage)
Rod is the moderater of sct-user groups.

33 Doubles Observing Projects
Luis Arguelles has started the 33 doubles project and this is the accompanying homepage.

Milton Esquinaldo’s Makscopes
Nice pages on Makscopes, just started to fill up with tips, tricks.

Jim Ferreira’s Makscopes reviews
Video Astrophotography

Jean-François MOURRON
How to use a webcam in astronomy

Bryan Greer
Understanding Thermal Behavior in Newtonian Reflectors

Markus Ludes/APM
This is where I bought my scope.

Jeff Barbour’s site
A nice website on numbers and astronomy

Ivan Krastev’s MODAS
Optical design program

Massimo Riccardi’s ATMOS
Optical design program

Fritz Blechinger OPTIX
Optical design program

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