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This a recent addition to the aberrator. This can be usefull if you want to compare many settings of one type of aberration to each other to choose the one that mimics your telescope the best. You can also use it to generate an animation of turbulence (dancing airy-disc).

 First choose a aberration (Focus in the above example) to animate. Then set Lo-Hi values and the amount of frames/steps to be generated. Choose Star or Planet (3x as many calculations!) as object. Press the Animate button and wait. To generate the above set of images took 15 seconds on a PIII/450Mhz. After the images have been generated they appear in the left image. You can now play them with the player-controls or use the slider to step through them. The images are labeled with the animated-aberration values (yellow). You can also save the image (without the labels) as an animated-gif file.

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