Bugreports Aberrator V3.0 Q&A

updated 15-march-2001

BUG !! Question :It seems that turbulence parameter doesn't work with planets.
Answer: This is clearly a bug (something has gone missing). I
will repair this in the next update.

BUG !!Question :When reducing magnification on planets, the picture disappear (the
slider jumps from middle to down).
Answer: another important bug. It seems that only at the lowest magnification
we lose the image in the dimming whilst it is still visible without dimming.

Question :Working at a screen resolution of 1152x864, the window of the Aberrator
seems to go off-screen.
Answer: ?

Question: When I double click on an entry to highlight it for replacement
with a new value and then type in the new value, I get various error
messages. Either the whole number is not selected and it turns red or
I get a message about "Invalid floating point operation".

Answer: The red values are in the Aperture size field, when the aperture is too
small undersampling will appear and this is a warning
for such undersampling. When the aperture is too large (larger than the
MaxAperture statement above the control) this will not lead to realistic
simulations either . You could increase the pixel/arcsecond setting to solve these problems.
Furthermore you should use a single-click in the editable-fields, that will make the
field-editor active and you can type in what you want. Most fields are allowed all values, but the
Aperture field should always be positive and larger than 0.

Question :After making a "slice" display, I tried to make another with a
changed aberrations and it wouldn't create another "slice" window.

Answer: That's true for the moment. I have only allowed one  slice-view, but we
could change this easily to more slices.

Question :I find that monitor adjust for the whole screen is not very
comfortable. I would like "aberrator" general monitor adjust gets controls sliders
used only for displayed pictures (something as NRAO Fitsview software) with
brightness, contrast and gamma to set with grayscale . I can barely see
diffraction rings with linear transfer.

Answer: I guess you would at least be happy with the addition of the
gamma-control as we had in the previous version. BTW: we are using the same
gamma-standard as before.

Question :Dimming is a rich idea, but some things need to be trimmed :
- dimming doesn't work on intra /extra. Elsewhere, when playing with
intra /extra, up/down arrows move defocus value and slider, but pictures don't
Answer: that's intentional. The intra/extra images are trimmed with
respect to each other (equal intensity-scale), when I add a
magnification-slider to these image the dimming can be added. Also the
up/down arrow dos not change the picture that's also intentional. Else
with every up.down press the whole image will be recalculated. Use the
numerical value to do direct input and than press the Update button (red
V) to get the image.

Question :I have trouble removing the crosses (after double-clicking) on planets.
Answer :Once you have used this it will keep coming with that image.
Again this is intentional, if you want to remeasure or measure on
another feature you would else need to start the whole sequence again.